Newborn care 101 is your number one source for what new parents need to know. Our newborn care video and free information will answer the most common questions asked in a pediatrician's office. From newborn feeding to jaundice, we'll help make your experience a relaxed and enjoyable one!

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Newborn Video Testimonials

We always love to hear from you and read every email you send. Here is some feedback we appreciate. We hope you have the same experience watching the newborn care video as these people did:

Having worked as a pediatric nurse for many years, I have seen parents have various concerns over the care of their newborn baby. This newborn video addresses all their most frequently asked questions. I am confident that it will give you reassurance and save you a few calls to your pediatrician. For parents and grandparents alike, it is a helpful and informative tool offering practical pertinent instructions and advice in a clear and entertaining format.
~Cathie B. - California

Dr. Mike's DVD has helped my husband and I since we are new parents and clueless in all the areas he covers. Thanks Dr. Mike!
~Anita C., Michigan

Thank you for such a comprehensive DVD that really is like a baby's instruction booklet J I felt like I was part of the class during your video.
~Michelle L., Florida

My wife forced me to watch your video and I found it informative and very helpful. Since I didn't have time to go to the birth classes with my wife, this really helped so thanks.
~Richard S., California

I really enjoyed watching the video and looking at the guide you included. I wish I had this video and book for my first baby as we freaked about the rashes which you described as normal. Thanks again.
~Cori B., Washington

The DVD well worth watching and my daughter who I bought it for intends to recommend it to her friends.
-Janet S.

I was on bed rest the last 5 months of my pregnancy so I was unable to go out and take any classes. My husband and I sat down and watched this newborn care DVD and it was super helpful. I thought it hit all the highlights and I was surprised after my newborn arrived how much I remembered. I thought it was a good quick overview and have shared this DVD with many friends.
-Mom in Virginia

With twins on the way, we are looking for as much information as possible about newborn care. My husband and I enjoy watching this newborn DVD together. It's like we are getting advice from our own pediatrician. Dr. Mike seems very knowledgeable and he speaks in terms we can understand. We are definitely feeling more confident in our ability to care for our babies after watching this DVD.
-Alyssa from Minnesota

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